Divine Authority Foundation creates original programs and partners with other organizations on events, programs and seminars that focus on the economic empowerment, workforce development, and growth of single mothers and their children. 

As DAF continues to grow our goal is to increase the number of programs, events, seminars, resources and assistance that we can provide. We are always interested in new ideas and areas of need. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or if there are potential partnerships with other organizations that you would like DAF to look into. 



The DAF College Tours focus on the sons of single mothers. The tours serve as both a mentorship and educational program. The program is led by men from the community who are excited about helping to mentor and guide young men during this critical juncture of their lives. 

There are a number of options available to our youth today in regards to secondary education. There are traditional 4 year colleges, 2 year technical colleges, online institutions and certification programs. The career options are vast and it’s important that young men know the large variety of options for them. Some may be interested in long-standing occupations such as law or medical while others may be interested in recent technology driven opportunities such as cyber security or video-game programming.

This program takes place during the summer and fall months. Each tour focuses on 2-3 schools in the state of Georgia.

Most Recent College Tour
The University of Georgia and Georgia Gwinnett College. 

UGA: Football Stadium

UGA: Football Stadium

One of the Divine Authority’s signature programs has been its annual Bliss Spa day. This event is a day that allows for single mothers who work so hard to provide for and support their children to sit back, relax and be pampered.

Single mothers are nominated for the program by a nominator such as a family-member, friend, or co-worker. Written submissions are reviewed by a volunteer committee that selects the final participants.

The next bliss spa day event will be listed first on this webpage so come back for updates or subscribe to the DAF newsletter.

To see a video of a previous spa day which includes interviews from the selected nominees, please view below.


The Divine Authority Foundation is excited to have the opportunity to regular fitness & wellness events in partnership with the Association of Diverse Fitness Professionals (ADFP,Inc). The most recent event was a fun and energy-filled Zumba Dance Party. View our upcoming events page to see what we have coming up next. 


DAF conducts educational seminars. The seminars began in the fall of 2014. Seminar topics range from financial management to resolution techniques to work-life balance.

Experts in their respective fields share with and provide tools to single mothers, and their children, that can help enhance their lives. 

Speaker submission: If you are interested in being a speaker or know of someone who would be a good fit please feel to contact us

Divine Authority has an initiative to provide a Technology and Innovation Incubator Center. Centered in low-income and high-risk areas, where the likely-hood of single mothers are located. 

This program places a high emphasis on African-American boys who are less likely to graduate high school or attend postsecondary school. African-American boys are more likely to interact with the justice system versus obtain economic empowerment.

Coming from this environment, we understand the common mistakes and misperceptions of the youth. By providing the T&I Center, we are able to expose youth to critical thinking skills that are more likely to provide economic empowerment tools. For each attendee of the program, we are enabling citizens to help their own communities.

Divine Authority Foundation Videos

  • Bliss Spa Day

    Single-Mothers pampered in honor of Mothers Day!
  • DAF Welcome Video