Giving Back: A Sweet Reward

I am fortunate. Without giving my life story, I do want to share that I was once heading down the wrong road. Not by choice, but by ignorance and blindness of the end result. In 2004 I had a mentor come into my life. He told me the dead end I was heading into and at that point, I made a life turn toward who I am developing into today. So from experience, I support and promote mentors giving back to the community.

February 2009, I joined the Big Brother Big Sister program as a mentor to give back to the community. Tomorrow, I am meeting my little brother again for a heart to heart and to share manly advice as he advances through the impactful high school years. It is very rewarding when you see your little grow into an intelligent, and smart individual. As I share some of my life experiences and successes, he honestly takes mental notes and it shows in some of the decisions that he makes. I cannot stress how rewarding it is to pour and sow positivity into a young life!

Most children in the Big Brother Big Sister program come from single mother homes; and most boys are in the program because the mother is seeking a positive male role model for their son. There are 800+ boys waiting to be matched with a mentor, and a fair amount of girls too. There is a HUGE shortage in mentors. The Divine Authority Foundation is working to partner with the BBBS Foundation to help create matches and recruit more mentors.

I know the impact that a mentor had in my life, and I strive to do the same with my little and others.

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