Forgiveness = Freedom + Growth

This fathers day was sweet and serene.

A few years ago, that might not have been the case. It wasn’t until I had an epiphany at 22 yrs old that I was holding a grudge towards my father. Holding that grudge didn’t hurt him, but it hurt myself. It kept me in a perpetual state of anger towards him.

During the realization of my disgruntle state, I broke down into tears. Then I wiped my tears away, called my father and forgave him for not helping to raise me. Immediately I felt a HUGE burden removed from my shoulders. It turns out, forgiving my father actually relieved me also. I free’d myself in the process.

At this point, I was able to move forward and grow as a person. I also started to give back to the community by becoming a mentor with the Big Brother Big Sister program. Most of the boys within this program are enrolled because their single mothers want a positive male role model in their sons lives. Similar to me, so I can easily relate.

This fathers day, I told my dad “Happy Fathers Day” and I could smile while saying it.

I’d recommend anyone that has any type of grudge towards your father for any reason, let it go today. Forgive him today and free yourself in the process.